Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

breakfast: eggs with taylor ham and Matthew had some coconut milk AND some orange juice in a little box that he opted to buy with his "Fun" money because mommy wasn't spending extra money on small boxes. *eyeroll*

snack: half a banana and half of a Bob's Red Mill GF chocolate chip cookie (made yesterday)

lunch: rice pasta leftover from Monday night

snacks: organic grape tomatoes, Fruitabu grape fruit roll, organic peeled baby carrots. Mariella actually ate an entire hot dog and some banana pieces. :O Oh... and Matthew had 3 gummy bears (from Natural Candy Store) as part of learning how to use a map (he had to find them using a map of our house--part of our homeschooling. He had no clue what prize he was finding).

dinner: leftover pork loin pot roasted (seared in EVOO with minced garlic) with organic sweet potatoes, organic onions and organic apples (all cooked in the pot) plus canned organic green beans. Mariella only ate sweet potatoes and green beans given her earlier hot dog.

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