Friday, January 22, 2010

The stomach bug has hit our house

Mercifully, it's short. If I'd been more vigilant with our probiotics... actually, if we'd taken them at ALL... maybe we'd have skated. :(

So today was an EXTREMELY light day on food.

Matthew started with a carrot that was promptly thrown up. He then had half of a banana and maybe 3 bites of scrambled eggs. He's slept on and off all afternoon with fever and I've ordered Outback for dinner--so he'll have a little Joey Sirloin (without seasonings and cooked on a dry grill--they usually cook it with butter unless you tell them not to) and a dry sweet potato. We have fresh organic beets already cooked (steamed) at the house.

I had the other half of the banana. Mike and I also had eggs with some taylor ham around noon. We haven't eaten since. We're getting meat and potatoes with salad and we'll have veggies from home.

I got sick late Wednesday night and am already feeling better this afternoon. Hoping Matthew follows suit. The baby has had diarrhea since Sunday and Mike gave her half a jar of bananas today.

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