Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Picture my morning...

Very large, black, enamelware stockpot 3/4 full of water, a splash of vinegar and chicken that is a little "too leftover" (if I boil it for 2 days, won't that kill EVERYthing? Stay tuned) sitting on the stove next to the frying pan from this morning's eggs that is not yet into the sink. Why? Not sure.

Naked 3yo running around. She's been told 3 times to go get underpants on to start the dressing process, but mom is engaged online and so she's not listening and mom isn't making it happen (which will change after this post).

Unnaked, but still in pjs 8yo has remnant Legos everywhere. When he finally moves them, he replaces them by putting something equally inappropriate in it's place: i.e. the BopIt that is now sitting on my kitchen island after he took up some huge 12"x12" platform

*pause to holler at 3yo up the stairs to stop tormenting dog and brother*

of Legos.

Three doubled up brown paper handle shopping bags from Whole Foods containing a case of canned black olives, a case of canned coconut milk and a case of cartons of almond milk are at the end of the island.

The chair in the family room is overflowing--literally--with the clean, unfolded towels from the laundry room. 3yo spent about 30 minutes--naked--hiding in them, then honoring my request that she pick up the ones that fell on the floor while telling Daddy (who made a brief appearance from his basement cave office) that "Dis is hard work!"

The older of the two dogs intermittently chirp-barks now. We have no idea why, but it's akin to Chinese water torture. Actually, I think 3yo locked the dog in a room.

*pause while I holler up the stairs to 3yo to let the dog out of wherever she is*

*twice--louder this time*

The dishwasher is running. The fridge is full of fingerprints that make me think "THAT is why people get the Silver Mist finish" every time I see it. A whole chicken is already in the oven for lunch and I am drinking a splash of readymade chai tea that essentially colors a cup of warm, vanilla-flavor-added coconut milk.

It's 11:15am. I'm off to get all of us dressed since 3yo just announced "We're goin' to bicyc-oos today!" (open gym playgroup that allows the kids to bring scooters and little kid ride-ons).

****************************** ETA ******************************

No sooner did I hit "Publish" and share on Facebook when I turned to get out of my chair and there was 3yo holding underpants, jeans and a top out for me to dress her. <3

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