Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I lost my aunt last night. She was like a big sister to me in an ocean of worthless, toxic relatives; and the only person who understood what I was dealing with when it came to my family. But it brings to end a period of chaos that needs to change.

We will be going completely gluten-free. I read Dr. Mercola's Beginner Nutrition Plan and am implementing it immediately. Once we're on track with taking our supplements and eating without our allergens, we'll move on to Feingold diet.

As for today...

Early breakfast: organic carrot

Breakfast: eggs with organic canned peas and water (I had some coffee)

Snack: coconut-milk based yogurt (Pina Colada flavor) and then some potato chips

Lunch: tuna pods (tuna fish made with "safe" mayo in steamed potato halves hollowed out to make "shells")

Snack: potato chips

dinner: homemade red lentil chili with rice. Matthew wasn't interested, so he had an all natural hotdog (Nature's Promise) with steamed, fresh, organic green beans. And we all had water.

Dessert: Matthew had more green beans. After he went to bed, Mike & I had panettone. Panettone is hard to part with at Christmastime. :(

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